For me, photography is the emotional connection of storytelling. The capturing of the time honored and the timeless. Every situation is an opportunity to mark a moment. I take pride in blending stills and motion, the courageous and the dangerous. As vast as our spectrums of sight and as limited as our lifetimes, I aim the lens to hold and memorialize, to awaken, and to enrich. The blending of plausible and implausible, the forgettable and the un. Observing, reliving, transposing and choosing outcomes, one fraction of a second at a time.  I find the answers are alive all around us, every moment that we choose to see them.  Photography is both a crudely honest and virtually fantastic assessment of the world.  We can explore, through the camera, a bewildering reenactment of our everyday lives.  To get to know more about my process and to inquire about availability, please be in touch!


Roman Rivera

Seattle, WA

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