Hi! I’m, Roman Rivera.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. My name is Roman Rivera and if you have made it this far, you are already looking through my lens. I grew up in the Tri-Cities, a small community east of the mountains on the outskirts of Washington state and now make my home in Seattle. I am a lifestyle, product, architectural, and fashion photographer who absolutely loves his job and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people, the places, the hours, the blood, the sweat, the tears, and the spontaneity of every single shot I take. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of in between moments, and I do my best to take every picture with that in mind. It is my goal to capture viewers through timeless recognition, nostalgic marks, raw emotions, and defined energy. I want you to see yourself in that moment, every single time.

For me, photography is the emotional connection of storytelling. The capturing of the time honored and the timeless. Every situation is an opportunity to mark a moment. I take pride in blending stills and motion, the courageous and the dangerous. As vast as our spectrums of sight and as limited as our lifetimes, I aim the lens to hold and memorialize, to awaken, and to enrich. The blending of plausible and implausible, the forgettable and the un. Observing, reliving, transposing and choosing outcomes, one fraction of a second at a time. I often find myself pondering on those that came before me, the living and the departed. I find the answers are alive all around us, every moment that we choose to see them. Photography is both a crudely honest and virtually fantastic assessment of the world. Photographers consciously attempt to manipulate the narrative by composing reality, choosing the viewpoint, angle, and lighting with a capture in mind. We can explore, through the camera, a bewildering reenactment of our everyday lives. It is here that I take comfort. Photography is my heartbeat, my oxygen, my energy, and my emotion. This is not an occupation for me, this is my life’s work. To get to know more about my process and to inquire about availability, please be in touch!


“Roman is fantastic! He exceeded all expectations in every respect, and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone in an instant. Thank you again for the incredibly important part you played in the most important day of my life.“
Jared Mirsky — OMD Agency

“Roman was amazing to work with. He was professional, efficient with his time and really listened to my needs. I have hired him back multiple times and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. Thank you Roman!“
Jessica M. — Monroe, WA

“I was having a difficult time finding a photographer with the right style I needed in oreder to execute on a project. I called Roman, he came to set and shot the exact images I was looking for. And let’s not forget how good his editing skills are. I can’t thank you enough.“
Tyler Walker — Seattle, WA


OMD Agency, Mirsky Media, Dope Magazine.

Thanks for viewing the world through my eyes — I hope you enjoy my site and the work that I’m doing. Got something for me? Get in touch.

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